IACMI cultivates best-in-industry workforce development programs that scale up and connect regional programs to meet the national manufacturing agenda.

Creating the Workforce of the Future

We support industry-led training programs that provide real-world experience. Participants complete our workforce programs ready to enter the manufacturing workforce, possessing agile skills that enable them to adapt to future manufacturing technologies.

Through IACMI—The Composites Institute’s successful workforce development track record in its first five years, we have built a reputation as a leader in training experiences in the advanced composites industry. With a focus on the future of advanced manufacturing, IACMI’s workforce development initiatives have grown in scope and diversity, leading to more opportunities.

We bring together the diverse stakeholders and partners in the advanced manufacturing workforce development field. We also implement programs and grow workforce development training opportunities in alignment with IACMI’s mission and vision.

“Our partners and areas of opportunity for increased training became increasingly diverse as we hosted internships and training workshops through our first five years as IACMI. We look forward to our new opportunities and areas where we can continue to provide meaningful workforce training experiences.”
Joannie Harmon
Workforce Director
Program Highlight

America’s Cutting Edge (ACE)

America’s Cutting Edge (ACE) is a national initiative to restore the prominence of the U.S. machine tools sector through advances in training and technology. Part of the ACE effort is a new IACMI program that uses virtual training and machining simulation to teach essential manufacturing skills—all designed to help tackle the nation’s skills gap and recover its technical and manufacturing leadership position.

America’s Cutting Edge

Program Highlight

Advanced Composites Career Pathways (ACCP) Program

Advanced Composites Career Pathways (ACCP) Program is location-based training programs with national standards in locations central to the DoD manufacturing supply chain

Advanced Composites Career Pathways

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