About Us

Convene. Connect. Catalyze. These imperatives capture the core purpose of IACMI—The Composites Institute. We connect people and organizations across the composites ecosystem.

Our Story

We convene to share ideas and successes and to bring together those possessing innovative concepts with those who can help achieve their realization. Then we catalyze advancement and commercialization by facilitating these technology projects and developing the workforce able to carry them out.

To realize the benefits of composite technology, our industry needs composites manufacturing that is more cost-, material- and energy-efficient, and that accounts for recycling at the end of product life. IACMI promotes research and development programs for this purpose, which are fueled by our member organizations and designed to reduce technical risk and develop a robust supply chain for our growing advanced composites industry.

We also recognize the urgency of building up a skilled workforce to support growth of composites companies of all sizes. To this end, IACMI broadly engages educational, economic development, trade, and professional organizations.

IACMI is managed by Collaborative Composite Solutions Corporation (CCS), a not-for-profit organization established by the University of Tennessee Research Foundation.

Organizations of any size can join IACMI through a membership. Once a part of IACMI, members can benefit from participating in projects, networking with other IACMI members, and participating in workforce development opportunities to meet organizational needs.


University Partnerships

The academic community has been a core constituency for IACMI from its founding. In fact, our managing organization Collaborative Composite Solutions Corporation (CCS) was established by the University of Tennessee Research Foundation. Today, IACMI enjoys formal relationships with several universities, each of which houses facilities and equipment created with or for our consortium.


State Government Partnerships

Recognizing that IACMI and its partner members are effectively cultivating technological, workforce and economic development, five state governments have joined our efforts as governmental partners: Colorado, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Tennessee.


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