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The Composites Institute is committed to accelerating the development and adoption of innovative manufacturing technologies for low-cost, energy-efficient advanced composites.

Working Groups

Our six Working groups focus on a broad array of topics, giving participants a chance to dive deep into areas of interest. These, as well as future working groups, represent a key value of the IACMI Consortium. Initial meetings are focusing on group objectives and ways to make an impact.


Project Reports

IACMI solicits and selects project proposals that advance the state of the art in composites manufacturing, often resulting in new commercial products and technologies. Our focus is on areas of technology that advance the nation’s energy and economic security. Our public-private partnership projects share existing resources and co-invest to accelerate innovation. IACMI projects represent a successful response to private industry’s need for faster and more cost-, material-, and energy-efficient composites manufacturing, including end-of-life recycling and disposal issues.

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To fuel advanced composites innovation, IACMI provides open access to five shared research, development and demonstration facilities across the country. Extensive capabilities at these facilities are leveraged to develop high-throughput technologies and lower-cost materials—enhancing US competitiveness.

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