Researcher Areas of Expertise e-mail Telephone Personal web page
Ron Averill Design optimization, computational mechanics, analysis and design of composite structures, laminated plate theory. 517.353.7188
Andre Benard Transport phenomena in materials processing, heat transfer, polymers and composites microstructures, multiphase problems, finite elements. 517.432.1522
Raymond Boeman
(Assistant Director)
Special interest in developing and commercializing, disruptive lightweighting technologies, especially composites technology. 865.274.1025 TBD
Rigoberto Burgueño Primary research interests are related to the multiscale assessment and design of high- performance materials and structures. 517.353.1743
Gary Cloud Experimental mechanics of composite materials, optical methods of measurement, nondestructive evaluation, fastening, structural health management. 517.614.5802
Lawrence Drzal (Director) Polymer-fiber composite materials, nano-composites (graphene, halloysite, silica) adhesion, adhesive bonding; surface treatments, surface sizings, bio-composites (bast fibers, cellulose nano-fibrils, cellulose nano-whiskers), fiber-polymer interfaces (carbon, glass uhmwpe, aramid), nanostructured electrodes for batteries and supercapacitors. 517.353.5466
Philip Eisenlohr Computational materials science, mechanics of microstructured materials, crystal plasticity 517.432.4506
Mahmood Haq Multi-material joining, tailorable materials and structures (novel reversible bonded joints; zero-slip, novel hybrid bolted joints for in-situ segmental/modular assembly of large-structures), lowcost, large-tow carbon fiber composites and rapid manufacturing; application of non-destructive evaluation (NDE) tools for health monitoring and repair of structural joints and other structural components; novel, concussion-preventing, energy-dissipating helmets and structures; development of tailorable, multi-functional, eco-friendly (green), and hybrid materials; experimental and numerical characterization of structural composites; development of design tools and databases 517.402.3409
Krishnamurthy Jayaraman Molding of polymer composites and fiber-filled polymers; extrusion and film blowing of thermoplastics; rheology of polymer nanocomposites and thermoplastic elastomers; nanoparticle additives and lubricants for rheology modification; solid state forming and drawing of porous polymer composites; polymer foams and foamed composite with chemical blowing agents. 517.355.5138
Venkatesh Kodur Experimental behavior and analytical modeling of structural systems under extreme fire conditions, constitutive modelling of material properties at elevated temperatures, developing guidelines for fire resistance design of structural systems, evaluating fi re performance of high-performing materials, performance-based fire safety design, non-linear design and analysis of structures, design/analysis of structures for extreme loading conditions, failure investigations. 517.353.9813
Patrick Kwon Machining composites and hybrid materials, measurement of surface defects and tool wear depending on cutting tool geometry and coating and substrate materials for composites. 517.355.0173
Andre Lee High-temperature hybrid materials, composite materials synthesis and processing, electronic packaging materials, phase transformation, x-ray synchrotron characterization 517.355.5112
Dahsin Liu Materials: designing and manufacturing quasi-three-dimensional (Q3D) woven composite materials with high delamination resistance while maintaining higher in-plane stiffness (US patent pending). Testing: developing advanced dynamic facilities for testing and characterizing composite materials and structures, including: low-velocity drop-weight impact tester (DWIT) for higher strain rates, instrumented free projectile (IFP) for high-velocity impact, short Hopkinson’s pressure bar (sHPB) for high strain rate characterizations, and instrumented Taylor’s impactor (ITI) for refinement of material models Modeling: developing peridynamic based computational code for simulating damage processes of fiber composite materials and structures under impact, crash, and blast 517.353.6716
Alfred Loos Heat transfer and flow phenomena in materials processing; mathematical modeling of manufacturing processes; mechanics of materials; finite element analysis; materials characterization and testing; polymeric composite manufacturing; mechanics of composite materials 517.432.0844
Norbert Müller Turbomachinery, centrifugal compressors, wave rotors, refrigeration and HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) with natural refrigerants, micro-fabricated energy systems such as Brayton and Rankine cycle devices, heat exchangers and fuel cells with integrated nano sensors, highly efficient and environmentally friendly energy conversion systems, including the use of solar, wind, tidal, geothermal energy and clean fuels, high-speed drives and bearings, mechatronics. 517.432.9139
Ramani Narayan Design and engineer BioPlastics, specifi cally biobased materials; and biodegradable-compostable plastics; develop environmentally responsible end-of-life options for plastics and bioplastics materials; conduct carbon footprint and life cycle assessment (LCA) of materials; studies in reactive extrusion processing and biofiber composites 517.719.7163
Thomas Pence Stress analysis and wave propagation in deformable solids; computational modeling of fiber reinforced rubbers, elastomers and polymers; Swelling in polymers and in soft biological tissue; Damage due to extreme events in anisotropic media including exposure to fire and flame. 517.353.3889
Yue Qi Computational Materials Science 517.432.1243
Mike Rich Expertise in carbon fiber structure and properties, with specialization of surface chemistry and interfacial phenomenon; fiber surface treatments for adhesion; composite adhesion bond testing and analysis; mechanical property evaluation of plastics and polymers; processing of thermoplastic and thermoset composites; thermophysical evaluation of plastics, polymers, and composites; structure and properties, aluminum adhesive bonding technology; electron beam processing of carbon fiber composites; nanoscale reinforcements including CNTs and graphene oxide. 517.353.4696
Susan Selke Bio-based and biodegradable plastics, bio-composites, nanocomposites, life cycle assessment, active packaging 517.353.4891
Parviz Soroushian Low-cost, high- temperature inorganic matrix composites with low processing temperatures, inorganic polymers (geopolymers), automotive and infrastructure applications of high temperature composites, high-performance cementitious materials and composites, flame-resistant polymer composites, prestressing of composite structures for enhanced structural efficiency, multifunctional composites, low-cost nanocomposites 517.355.2216
Lalita Udpa Computational modeling, sensor design and optimization and advanced signal processing for nondestructive evaluation and structural health monitoring applications. 517.355.9261
Indrek Wichman Flame/heat interaction with surfaces, fire and materials interaction, fire and materials in space (NASA), microgravity combustion, combustion theory, automobile fires, automotive combustion for power. 517.353.9180
Xinran (Sharon) Xiao Mechanical behavior of materials, composites, polymers, metals, impact and crashworthiness, fatigue and durability, damage and fracture, numerical simulations, testing, multiphysics modeling 517.884.1606