Researcher Areas of Expertise e-mail Telephone Personal web page
Dr. R. Byron Pipes Composites Manufacturing, Composites Characterization, Composites Simulation, Composite Mechanics, Technical Leadership 765-494-5767 
Dr. Wenbin Yu Mechanics of Composites, Multiscale Modeling and Simulation 765-494-5142
Dr. Johnathan E. Goodsell Composites Analysis, Composites Characterization, Composites Manufacturing, Composites Validation 765-414-7858
Dr. Nathan Hartman Product Lifecycle Management, Model-based Definition, Data Interoperability, Industrial Education and Training 765-496-6104
Dr. Ronald Sterkenburg Composites Manufacturing and Repair, Aircraft maintenance 765-496-6608
Dr. Alejandro Strachan Condensed Matter Chemistry, Mechanical Properties, Active Materials 765-496-3551
Dr. Marisol Koslowski Composite Simulations, Fracture Mechanics, Micro-Mechanics 765-496-1045
Dr. Jan Anders Mansson Efficient Mass Production of Composites, Increased Functionality of Composites, Cost-Effective High-Volume Composite Manufacturing 765-494-8244