model copyProduct life-cycle management is a business methodology used to design, produce and sustain products by leveraging a digital product definition throughout the enterprise.

IACMI’s Design, Modeling & Simulation Technology Area, located in Indiana and led by Purdue University, offers modeling and simulation tools to help address the need to shorten the development cycle and decrease the cost of composites manufacturing while allowing more time for innovation throughout the entire supply chain.

IACMI’s Design, Modeling, and Simulation Technology Area focuses on four major crosscutting research areas in the field of composite materials:

  • Simulation of composite-manufacturing processes and hosting of the IACMI simulation community on the Composites Virtual Factory HUB, a secure, browser-based platform for end-to-end manufacturing process and performance simulation with commercial codes
  • Simulation of wind, vehicle, and compressed gas storage composites manufacturing at the laboratory, intermediate, and full scales
  • Support of Oak Ridge National Laboratory in additive manufacturing by examining the fundamentals of this area
  • Recycling of composite materials, both factory-generated waste and end-of-life structures and devices, with Product Life-Cycle Management through digital product definition throughout the life-cycle enterprise

IACMI will work closely with partners, including the Indiana Manufacturing Extension Partnership, to transfer knowledge and support manufacturers by sharing and integrating commercial design and simulation software with the supply chain to simulate the performance of complex composite manufacturing.

Several IACMI Interns have participated on Purdue’s Hyperloop Design Competition team. Click to learn more about Purdue University’s Hyperloop Design Competition team.

Modeling & Simulation Equipment Capabilities
Modeling & Simulation Researcher Profiles

Byron Pipes, PhD

Director, Design, Modeling & Simulation Technology Area

Purdue University
701 West Stadium Avenue
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2045

Phone: 765.494.5767

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