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Brian Rice composite processing, characterization, nano-enhanced composites, tailored fiber placement, additive manufacturing, multifunctional structures, technology transition, aerospace composites, COPVS – compressed gas storage tanks 937-229-2519
Paul Kladitis Multifunctional Structures and Materials, Nanotechnology/Nanoscience, New material synthesis including nanomaterials, polymers, composites, and materials for additive manufacturing, New or advanced manufacturing processes and techniques, Multidisciplinary R&D and application, Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) 937- 229-1755
Scott Huelskamp Dry fiber preforming, Composite tooling, including additively manufactured, Composite manufacturing  937-229-3045
G. P. Tandon Mechanics of composite materials; Discrete damage and failure modeling; Development of composite test methods; Processing-structure property relationships; Environmental durability; Life prediction; Additive manufacturing of polymers and laser powder bed fusion based metal. 937-904-4923