This is an exciting time for the composites industry, with unprecedented market drivers and opportunities for industrialization of advanced composites.

IACMI’s Composite Materials and Process Technology Area will help to accelerate this industrialization by prototyping and/or scaling technologies in carbon fiber production, composites manufacturing including 3D printing, nondestructive evaluation of composites and composites recycling.

IACMI’s Composite Materials and Process Technology Area, located in Tennessee and led by Oak Ridge National Laboratory, focuses on development and characterization of energy-efficient, high-rate, and low-variability manufacturing processes from constituent materials through composite structures.

IACMI’s Composite Materials and Process Technology Area leverages core capabilities from supporting partner institutions including University of Tennessee, Knoxville; University of Kentucky; and Vanderbilt University.

Together, IACMI’s people and physical infrastructure deliver unparalleled capabilities to move innovative composite materials technologies from the laboratory to commercial-ready status.


Materials & Processing Equipment Capabilities
Materials & Processing Researcher Profiles

Cliff­ Eberle

Director, Composite Materials & Process Technology Area

Oak Ridge National Laboratory
1 Bethel Valley Road
Oak Ridge, TN 37831

Phone: 865.574.0302
E-mail: eberlecc@iacmi.org

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