IACMI for Manufacturing Day

IACMI strives to engage communities across the United States in recognizing employment opportunities in composites manufacturing, appreciating the involvement of composites-related organizations in their community, and training a future workforce that is excited about and driven to join the composites industry. By participating in Manufacturing Day, an internationally recognized event organized by the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), IACMI celebrates a day to focus attention on the workforce development opportunities in the composites industry.

IACMI began participation in Manufacturing Day in 2016, by introducing more than 400 members of communities across the U.S. to the composites industry. In 2017, IACMI plans to bolster involvement by expanding the number of IACMI member and partner organizations who participate in composite manufacturing celebrations.

Watch the video below for a view of IACMI’s Manufacturing Day 2016 events, and read more about how to join IACMI to celebrate Manufacturing Day 2017.