Workforce Advisory Board


Dan Beattie
Dan BeattieThe Dow Chemical Company
Business Director, Government Markets and Lightweight Materials
Mel Cossette
Mel CossetteNational Resource Center for Materials Technology Education
Executive Director
Dan Coughlin
Dan CoughlinAmerican Composites Manufacturing Association (ACMA)
Vice President, Composite Market Development
Emily DeRocco
Emily DeRoccoLightweight Innovations for Tomorrow (LIFT)
Director, Workforce & Education
Bruce Fawcett
Bruce FawcettPolymerOhio Inc.
Executive Director
Greg Mellema
Greg MellemaU.S. Army
Advanced Composite SME
Mary Ann Pacelli
Mary Ann PacelliNational Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST)
Manager, Workforce Education
Nebiat Solomon
Nebiat Solomon Department of Energy
Energy Program Specialist
Ann Thompson
Ann Thompson The State of Tennessee
Director, Workforce Development
Katie Woslager
Katie Woslager The State of Colorado
Senior Grant Manager, Advanced Industries
Nadia Abunasser
Nadia AbunasserMichigan Economic Development Corporation
Federal and Development Projects Director
Valerie Hoag
Valerie HoagMichigan Economic Development Corporation
Sr. Vice President, Business Development