Winter 2018 Members Meeting

The Winter 2018 Members Meeting was held in Detroit, Michigan, and offered an opportunity for more than 300 members to discuss the advancements in both projects and facility capabilities that have been made over the past six months, particularly in our Vehicles Technology Area, with IACMI’s hub at the Scale-Up Research Facility (SURF) in Detroit, MI. Highlights include:

  • tours of the SURF to more than 225 attendees
  • Networking reception at the Henry Ford Musuem
  • A keynote presentation from Greg Satell, who discussed the history of innovations and the strategies for building diverse, collaborative teams to spur innovation adoption
  • Welcome remarks and support from Michigan State University President, Dr. Lou Anna K. Simon, underscored the importance of the partnership of Michigan State University and IACMI
  • Research and development outcome presentations from industry partners such as Ashland, Volkswagen, Dow, and others highlighted how far IACMI collaborations have advanced the industry
  • A presentation from Lenny Poveromo of the Composite Prototyping Center (CPC), who discussed the results of the CPC’s project using x-rays to cure pre-pregs – made with a specialty matrix material using the same molds, but doing so without adding any heat for curing – to create a carbon fiber Aston-Martin hood
  • IACMI’s Chief Technology Officer and the UT/ORNL Governor’s Chair in Advanced Composites Manufacturing, Uday Vaidya, presented on the IACMI roadmap, including low-cost carbon fiber and a a report out of the recycling session held at CAMX 2017. Vaidya also presented at the Plastics in Automotive Conference on “Emerging Composites and Material Forms for Automotive Lightweighting.”

Read IACMI CEO, John Hopkins’, Members Meeting recap here.

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Meeting Materials

Tues., January 16 Presentations

Hendrik Mainka, Project Manager- Product Innovation, Volkswagen

Matt Litzler, C.A. Litzler

Srikar Vallury, Moldex 3D

Steve Verschaeve, RocTool (Presentation available on the Member Portal.)

Mark Robinson, Valley Enterprises   

Ryutaro Izumi, Izumi International (Presentation available on the Member Portal.)

Dustin Davis, Norplex-Micarta

John Haaland, Technical Fibre Products

Handout of previous SME presentations is available for download on the IACMI Member Portal.

Presentations will continue to be added to this page and the Member Portal.

Wed., January 17 Presentations

Greg Satell, Author of Mapping Innovation, a 2017 CEO Best Reads Book

Sanjay Mazumdar, Lucintel CEO; Brandon Fitzgerald, Director of Client Engagement, Lucintel

  1. How to Get a Project Started Erin Brophy, IACMI; Chelsea Ensey, IACMI
  2. Design, Modeling and Simulation Capabilities Jan-Anders Mason, Purdue; Johnathan Goodsell, Purdue; Mike Bogdanor, Purdue
  3. IACMI Resources and Technology Areas Uday Vaidya, IACMI; Dale Brosius, IACMI
  1. Learn More About IACMI Privately Funded Projects Jarrod Blue, IACMI
  2. Team Pulse for Innovation Greg Satell, Author
  3. Workforce Development: How to Get Involved, Internship Opportunities Joannie Harmon Heath, IACMI
  4. IACMI Project Opportunities and Q & A Erin Brophy, IACMI; John Unser, IACMI

Ray Boeman, IACMI SURF Director

Dave Bank, Dow

Indraneel Page, Dura (Presentation available on the IACMI Member Portal.)

Presentations will continue to be added to this page and the Member Portal.

Keynote Speaker: Greg Satell

Greg Satell is a popular author, speaker, and innovation adviser who has managed market-leading businesses and overseen the development of dozens of pathbreaking products. You can find Greg’s blog at and on Twitter @DigitalTonto. His first book, Mapping Innovation, was recently included in the 2017 800-CEO-READ Business Book Awards. Greg has written about the impact of material science on the innovation landscape, and provided insight into how understanding the scope of innovations can facilitate growth as leaders in the composites field.

Listen to his keynote presentation here.

Watch his Innovation Pulse breakout session here.

Videos from the Winter 2018 Members Meeting