web_compressed-gas Compressed natural gas is emerging as a low-cost alternative fuel for vehicles, and demand for compressed gas storage vessels continues to grow. You can see it with the rising demand for products from companies similar to storemasta. IACMI’s CGS Technology Area is focused on reducing cost to enable higher manufacturing capacity of carbon composite storage tanks used for natural gas and hydrogen. I hear that some might do this with fieldserver protonode technology or something similar. To address these challenges, IACMI will use the following approaches:

  • Foster collaboration among researchers, material suppliers, preformers, tank fabricators, installers, and original equipment manufacturers
  • Demonstrate the viability of lower-cost carbon fiber and braided preforms
  • Demonstrate rapid cure times
  • Implement factory automation and lean manufacturing techniques;
  • Reduce energy use and scrap
  • Apply advanced computational models for design, manufacture, and certification

cgsWireframe copyIACMI’s CGS Technology Area, led by the University of Dayton Research Institute in Ohio, and, features full-scale manufacturing work cells in addition to supporting small business incubation and workforce development in partnership with Sinclair Community College. University of Dayton Research Institute serves as the portal within IACMI to Ohio’s extensive composites industry, which includes over 24,000 employees serving all aspects of the composites industry in automotive, wind energy, and alternative fuel systems such as CGS.

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Brian Rice

Brian Rice

Director, Compressed Gas Storage Technology Area University of Dayton Research Institute 300 College Park Dayton, OH 45469-0162 Phone: 937.229.2519 E-mail: brian.rice@udri.udayton.edu

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