Technical Advisory Board


Uday Vaidya
Uday VaidyaIACMI
Chair – IACMI Chief Technology Officer
Derek Berry
Derek Berry IACMI/NREL
Wind Lead Scientist/Engineer
Patrick Blanchard
Patrick BlanchardFord
Charter Member Representative
Hendrik Mianka
Hendrik MiankaVolkswagen
Premium Member Representative
Joe Cresko
Joe CreskoU.S. Department of Energy, Advanced Manufacturing Office
DOE Representative
Lawrence Drzal
Lawrence Drzal IACMI/MSU
Vehicles Lead Scientist/Engineer
Jim Ahlgrimm
Jim Ahlgrimm
DOE Representative – Wind Energy Technologies Office Director
Frank Henning
Frank HenningFraunhofer
Technical expert selected by the TAB Chair
Shridhar Nath
Shridhar NathGeneral Electric Research
Large Entity Representative
Charles Hill
Charles HillLocal Motors
SME Representative
Ed Pilpel
Ed PilpelPolystrand
Technical expert selected by the TAB Chair
Byron Pipes
Byron PipesIACMI/Purdue
Design and Simulation Lead Scientist/Engineer
Brian Rice
Compressed Gas Storage Lead Scientist/Engineer
Stephen Sikirica
Stephen Sikirica EERE
DOE Representative
Ned Stetson
Ned Stetson EERE
DOE Representative
Merlin Theodore
Merlin TheodoreMaterials & Processes Technology Area Director
Materials Lead Scientist/Engineer