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Start an IACMI Project

The Project Proposal Process for IACMI’s Request for Proposal (RFP) 3.0 is streamlined to facilitate project kickoff in a timely manner. Please closely review the Request for Proposal v3.0 document for more information.

Request for Proposal 3.0

To learn more about IACMI’s Project RFP 3.0, register for the Projects RFP 3.0 Webinar on August 23 from 2 – 3PM. 

Phase One: Idea Paper

Phase One, Step One: Submit Idea Paper to Technology Area Director

It is strongly recommended for project teams to work with the Lead IACMI Technology Area Director (TAD) to formulate a project idea. The Lead IACMI TAD will submit this Idea Paper, along with their qualification of the project, to the IACMI Project Director and the IACMI Project Controls Manager to initiate the review process.

Phase One, Step Two: Idea Paper is reviewed for approval

The Idea Paper is reviewed for approval by IACMI Headquarters, the U.S. Department of Energy, and IACMI’s Federal Technical Advisory Board (TAB) Members.

  • If Idea Paper is approved: IACMI will notify the project team and the project will move to the Project Agreement Development Phase
  • If Idea Paper should be revised/reworked: IACMI will notify the project team, and the project will return to Phase One, Step One
  • If Idea Paper is declined: IACMI will notify the project team, and the project idea will not proceed

Documents for Phase One

Phase Two: Project Agreement

 Project Team develops Project Agreement

  • IACMI will organize project agreement orientation with Project Team
  • Use Project Agreement Template to create the agreement

Documents for Phase Two

Phase Three: Review and Approval

Phase Three, Step One: Project Agreement is Reviewed

Pending the type of project, the Project Agreement will be reviewed by IACMI and other parties before final approval.

  • Enterprise project – Project Agreement is reviewed for approval by IACMI, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), and the IACMI Board of Directors
  •  Technical Collaboration Project – Project Agreement is reviewed for approval by IACMI, and the DOE

Phase Three, Step Two: Final signatures for Project Agreement

  • IACMI project staff, CEO, and the University of Tennessee Research Foundation sign the Project Agreement

Final Step

Project Kickoff!