Beginning in 2020, the IACMI membership structure is adjusting to best reflect the needs of consortium members to provide the most beneficial resources and advantages to its members. IACMI members renewing their membership or new members joining the consortium on or after January 1, 2020 will join the consortium at the rate structure listed in the membership participation levels below.

Complete the Membership Application here, and email your completed application to Dale Brosius at dbrosius@iacmi.0rg.

Industry, Institute & Academic Memberships




Members Meetings and member-exclusive eventsIncludedIncluded
Technical project participationIncludedIncluded
Leverage cost-share from third-party funding supportIncludedIncluded
Priority access to IACMI facilities IncludedIncluded
Visibility through IACMI communicationsIncludedIncluded
Conference speaking opportunitiesIncludedIncluded
Technical member repositoryIncludedIncluded
Lead industry collaboration through roadmapping workshops
and working groups participation
Technical project management servicesIncludedAt Cost
Workforce development assets (Including interns, fellowships, apprenticeships,
workshops, seminars, webinars, onboarding, and other training content)
At CostAt Cost
Co-marketing at specified IACMI EventsIncludedAt Cost
Attend technical workshops and outreach participation opportunitiesIncluded
Priority marketing recognitionIncluded
Direct participation in governance of Resource Pool Funding for technical and workforce projectsIncluded


Annual Industry Membership Fees
Large industry (>500 employees)$50,000+$15,000
Medium industry (51-500 employees)$50,000+
Small/Medium industry (11-50 employees)$50,000+
Small industry (1-10 employees)$50,000+$1,500
Annual Academic Membership Fees
Academic Partner$50,000+$5,000
Community College/Workforce Partner$500
Incremental Annual Membership Upgrade FeeEach $50,000
increment provides additional
representation and governance


Advisory Board SeatOne seat per each $50,000, subject to limitations*Consortium votes
to elect 1 SME
and 1 large entity
seat annually
Resource Pool SeatOne seat per each $50,000, subject to limitations*Consortium votes
to elect 1 SME
and 1 large entity
seat annually

*Limit of four seats per member. Member can opt to direct investments above $50,000 annually to specific projects or activities of interest.

Antitrust Policy: View IACMI’s antitrust policy here.