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IACMI Interns – Where Are They Now

At the core of the IACMI Internship Program is a dedication to fully preparing undergraduate and graduate students to transition into composites professionals with technical experience in the composites field. The program provides opportunities for students to enrich their understanding of advanced composites materials and processes through hands-on experience in world-class IACMI partner and member facilities. Intern industry projects include large companies, such as Volkswagen and Ford, and small to medium-sized companies, such as Vartega and 4X Technologies/4M Carbon Fiber Corp.

Whether committing to composites industry or academic research, IACMI interns leave the program well connected, having made significant contributions in the advancement of composites innovation. The IACMI Where Are They Now campaign highlights the continued education, work, and progress of former IACMI interns. IACMI is proud to have played a role in developing the future leaders of composites and advanced manufacturing.