IACMI Welcomes Helicoid Industries As New Member

IACMI would like to officially welcome Helicoid Industries to our member community of industry, academic institutions and government agencies leading innovation and workforce development initiatives to drive the adoption of advanced composites and strengthen U.S. manufacturing competitiveness.

Helicoid Industries is a California based startup founded in 2019 by a seasoned team of experts working to commercialize the Helicoid™ biomimetic fiber-reinforced composite technology. Helicoid Industries both licenses the technology to composite producers, as well as produces preform solutions. The Helicoid™ technology emulates the structure found in the Mantis Shrimp, which is one of the toughest structures in the world providing incredible impact resistance and weight savings. Compared against certain conventional Quasi-Isotropic (0°/+45°/-45°/90°) composites, Helicoid™ achieves higher impact strength of over 97 percent, energy dissipation of over 92 percent, and will delay catastrophic failure by over 74 percent. Helicoid™ can be applied to directional laminates to tailor in-plane strength with enhanced impact performance. Helicoid™ works with all fiber-reinforced composite materials, including glass, carbon, aramid, natural fibers, thermoset and thermoplastic matrix. Helicoid™ is compatible with all existing manufacturing processes (e.g. compression molding, tape layering, mandrel, pre-pregs, additive manufacturing).

“IACMI offers Helicoid Industries direct exposure to a rich network of expertise and international leaders in the composites industry, creating strong synergies for business opportunities,” said Dr. Lorenzo Mencattelli, Helicoid Industries’ Director of Research Development. “IACMI’s industry-level manufacturing facilities and leadership is also pivotal to support Helicoid in various applications and to the creation of a robust supply chain for the industrial scale-up of Helicoid™ technology.”

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