IACMI members can participate in program to tackle composite and hybrid material challenge

IACMI is partnering with three research universities in a new, National Science Foundation–funded Center for Composite and Hybrid Materials Interfacing (CHMI) that intends to dramatically improve how composite and hybrid structures are joined and repaired.

Established with a five-year NSF Industry-University Cooperative Research Center grant and based at Georgia Institute of Technology, the CHMI center is a collaboration among Georgia Tech, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and Michigan-based Oakland University research teams; private companies, including IACMI’s 120-plus industry members; and government groups to conduct pre-competitive research all partners can benefit from.

The CHMI center’s success depends on financial buy-in from its membership, which is open to corporations and manufacturers of all sizes and types as well as government organizations. A $30,000-a-year Tier 1 membership gives a company a seat on the center’s Industry Advisory Board, a full vote on project selection, free access to center-produced research results and intellectual property, a high rate of return on investment due to jointly funded research, and, especially relevant today, opportunities to connect with graduate students and early-career researchers entering the workforce.

For more information, contact IACMI’s John Hopkins (CEO) and/or Uday Vaidya (CTO).