IACMI-Wide Foreign National Access and Participation Policy

As of 6/14/2018

Foreign national access to (i) IACMI sites and facilities and/or participation in (ii) IACMI conferences, meetings, and other similar events is subject to prior review by IACMI and/or its partner organizations.  Unless otherwise approved by IACMI, all foreign nationals must provide at least 30 days’ notice prior to access to (i) and/or participation in (ii) above.

Registration for access to (i) and/or participation in (ii) above does not guarantee access and/or participation in any IACMI activities until all IACMI and/or IACMI partner approval protocols are satisfied and formal approval is given by IACMI.

Event- and site-specific rules and procedures will be communicated to potential attendees when applicable and must be followed in addition to the general conditions outlined in this Policy.

In the event that access to and/or participation in (i) or (ii) above is denied, IACMI’s managing entity, CCS Corp., and/or IACMI partner organizations are not responsible for any travel, hotel, or other related costs incurred in anticipation of access to and/or participation in (i) or (ii) above by any person, organization, or other entity denied such access.

IACMI, through CCS Corp. or any of its partner organizations, does not issue letters of invitation for its events or site visits.

Specific inquiries about Foreign National Access and/or Participation in IACMI activities may be addressed to IACMI Assistant General Counsel Zack R. Gardner (zgardner@iacmi.org).