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May 2022 Innovation Insights Webinar

Our monthly webinar series “Innovation Insights” continues, as IACMI Chief Commercialization Officer Dale Brosius moderates discussions on recent technology advancements that industry may not be fully aware of.


On Thursday May 19th, at 12PM ET a one-hour series of presentations will be held from IACMI members and partners, where they will provide background on new technology, products, and the key advantages provided, as well as application examples.

You’ll hear from:

Dave Singer

Sales and Marketing Manager

Joel Kline

Regional Sales Manager



Topic: Composite molding presses for laboratory and manufacturing applications


A quick overview of presses used for composite molding applications. Wabash MPI/Carver manufactures a broad range of laboratory and production presses in a variety of sizes and configurations. We will take a brief look at a few of these configurations as well as discuss options most commonly required for molding various composite compounds.


Dr. Paul Kladitis

Group Leader – Multifunctional Structures & Materials

University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI)

Topic: Commercialization of CNT Enhanced Composite Structures and Products


President Clinton launched the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) to coordinate Federal R&D efforts and promote U.S. competitiveness in nanotechnology in 2001. During the following decades considerable effort was spent to develop products based on carbon nanotubes, CNT’s, including nano-enhanced advanced composites. In recent years, several companies have commercialized highly ordered CNT’s that have established a value proposition in a variety of composite applications. The ability to produce CNT’s from methane and recover hydrogen as a fuel is gaining traction as a means to de-carbonize structural materials.

Mark Morrison

Communications Director


Title: Sneak Preview of IACMI’s Summer 2022 Members Meeting


Join us for a sneak preview of the IACMI Summer 2022 Members Meeting being held June 28-30 at the Sheraton Salt Lake City. Mark Morrison, IACMI’s communications director, will provide an inside look at the impressive line-up of speakers and panel sessions you’ll experience at the Members Meeting, as well as information on the Working Group meetings and the special networking reception at Natural History Museum of Utah.


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