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Composite Tech Talks: Ask the Experts

Join us on Tuesday, November 16 at 10 AM ET for a special edition of our live webinar series, Composites Tech Talks.


Composites Tech Talks brings together the latest in product and process technology to manufacturers and students alike. Hosted live on social media, Composites Tech Talks are your chance to hear directly from industry experts on the products, processes and innovations within the composites industry.


James Jones, Technical Support Manager for Composites One and Tyler Blevins, Workforce and Community Development Manager for IACMI will be answering your questions live during the live stream!

Submit your questions in advance by clicking here.

In this session, we’ll be answering your burning questions, including:

-How to implement or improve your manufacturing process

-What products or materials that can help improve your end-product

-Where do they see industry trends and future developments heading

Please visit Composites One Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube pages to watch and participate!