Closed Mold Alliance Workshops

IACMI, Composites One, the Closed Mold Alliance, and Magnum Venus Products offer workshops that provide hands-on experience in composite manufacturing for workers who are interested in gaining experience utilizing composite manufacturing technology. The Closed Mold Alliance is a resource dedicated to helping manufacturers make a successful conversion to closed mold and other advanced processes. The Closed Mold Alliance Workshops are held four times annually at IACMI partner locations across the United States, and are open to employees of IACMI members and non-member organizations.

The workshops are designed to help participants become more adept in advanced and closed mold processing, out-of-autoclave production, additive manufacturing (3D printing) light-weighting of products, prototyping, selecting systems and equipment, advancements in composites and high-performance materials, data acquisition, modeling and simulation.

Closed Mold Alliance Workshops began in 2016 after garnering much interest following the series announcement at CAMX in 2015. The pilot workshop brought over 150 students, technicians and business owners from across the country to IACMI headquarters in Knoxville, TN to learn from subject matter experts in advanced composites processes.

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