IACMI Baseline Cost and Energy Metrics

The IACMI Baseline Cost and Energy Metrics study objective is to establish baseline metrics for IACMI, with the following sub-objectives:

  • Establish the state of the art, as of June 2015 (launch date of IACMI), in composite part size, complexity, and performance requirements for automobile, wind turbine blades, and compressed gas storage applications
  • Determine the cost metric in terms of $/kg part weight for representative composite components and manufacturing methods as of June 2015
  • Determine the embodied energy metrics in terms of MJ/kg part weight for the components and manufacturing processes selected for estimating the cost metric
  • Perform sensitivity studies to assess the dependence of these metrics on several variables such as manufacturing rate and waste
  •  Track changes in metric values as new projects develop data, towards meeting the goals of the following:
    •  Reducing production cost of finished carbon fiber composites for targeted applications (vehicles, wind, high-pressure gas storage at a minimum) by >25% in five years, on a pathway to reduction of cost >50% over ten years
    • Reducing the embodied energy of carbon fiber composites by 50% compared to 2015 technology on a pathway to 75% reduction in ten years.

subject to the constraint imposed by:

  • The need to demonstrate technologies at a sufficient scale for >80% recyclability or reuse of fiber reinforced polymer composites in five years into useful components with projected cost and quality at commercial scale competitive with virgin materials on a pathway to 95% recyclability or reuse starting in ten years.

Download the IACMI Baseline Cost and Energy Metrics presentation for more information.

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