IACMI - Testimonials

Techmer PM

“Our participation in IACMI allowed us to develop new technologies that have contributed to Techmer PM’s growth in the additive manufacturing ecosystem.”

Tom Drye | Vice President of Emerging Markets & Innovation and Application Development, Techmer PM
March 2019


IACMI - Testimonials

Michigan Lt. Governor Gilchrist

“IACMI and LIFT show how partnership and inclusive ingenuity drive innovation in Detroit. Thank you for showing me your training, prototyping, and education programs that create opportunities for vets, K–12 students, and Corktown.”

Tweet from Lt. Gov Gilchrist, touring IACMI SURF
February 2019


IACMI - Testimonials


“The industry is on the cusp of a light-weighting and multi-material revolution. Detroit hosts two public-private partnerships under the Manufacturing USA initiative that could, with the right direction, be the epicenter of many industry lightweight innovations.”

Dave Andrea | Contributor for Forbes
November 2018


IACMI - Testimonials

Dynamic Corvettes

(In reference to the Road 2 Composites training workshop in Michigan) “It’s rare to have the opportunity to spend time with so many industry experts in such a well-equipped facility. My team had more quality conversations here in a day than we may have in a week at a typical industry conference. This was my company’s first IACMI/Composites One event and it was well worth our time.”

Steve Snow | Dynamic Corvettes
May 2017


IACMI - Testimonials

Ashland Composites

“IACMI actively connected us to the right suppliers, equipment manufacturers, and recycling companies as we built our technical project team. Ashland’s participation in the project enabled us to establish networks with innovative modeling companies, leading to new business opportunities as a resin supplier in three other IACMI projects. As an IACMI member, we’ve had the opportunity to leverage shared funds and existing equipment at Michigan State University, Zoltek, and UDRI. By using these existing resources, we didn’t have to buy the equipment and move up the learning curve ourselves.”

Joe Fox | Director, Emerging & External Technologies, Ashland Composites
January 2018


IACMI - Testimonials

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

“What we’re doing today will possibly revolutionize the industry five to ten years down the road. Companies like GE Wind, Siemens and Vestas are looking at the technology that we’re developing to help them break down the cost of wind energy, build more efficient blades in the future, and thus be more competitive in the marketplace for wind energy.”

Derek Berry | National Renewable Energy Laboratory
April 2017


IACMI - Testimonials

Eisenhower School, National Defense University 

“The Advanced Manufacturing Industry Study from the Eisenhower School at the National Defense University, visits world-class research and innovation organizations all over the world as we educate future senior military and civilian leaders to effectively apply our nation’s resources to National Security needs.  IACMI is one of those world-class institutions.  The Composites Institute and East Tennessee ecosystem visit serves as a national exemplar of the United States’ public-private partnerships and dedicated leaders effectively connecting innovation research, intellectual property and commercialization efforts to create innovation and economic impact through manufacturing.”

Sean O’Brien, Col, USAF | Eisenhower School, National Defense University 
March 2017


IACMI - Testimonials

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

“After attending an outstanding event at last year’s IACMI training workshop at the National Wind Technology Center, our team at Siemens Wind Power sent sixteen new employees to the 2017 workshop to gain experience and insight as part of their on-boarding program.”

Jacques Nader | Head of Boulder R&D Center, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy
April 2017


IACMI - Testimonials

Doerfer – Wright Industries

(In reference to the Closed Mold Alliance Training Workshops) “The “hands on” demonstrations gave our team better insight to some of the obstacles we all face in trying to automate or speed up current process times. I personally value the networking aspect of these type workshops.”

Dale Leftwich | Account Manager, Doerfer – Wright Industries
March 2017


IACMI - Testimonials


(In reference to Members Meetings) “I’ve attended all of the IACMI member meetings thus far and I find them invaluable not only for the project updates, but also for the networking. It is incredible to be able to meet with all of these industry experts in one place to collaborate and pioneer new ideas for the next project.”

(In reference to the 9m Blade Prototype Build) “To make a real impact in the composites industry, we have to all come together as one group. Innovation and working together is key, and IACMI helps enable that. Without the collaboration of an entire team, this project would not have been successful.”

Dana Swan | Business Development Scientist, Arkema
February 2017


IACMI - Testimonials

University of Tennessee, Knoxville

“The workforce training events are highly beneficial to me and other university researchers. The content presented provides fresh perspective on current trends and challenges in composites manufacturing as it is executed on the manufacturing floor. As a faculty member, it was especially beneficial for me to see the state-of-the art materials and manufacturing technologies demonstrated at this workshop, which I can now take it back to the class room to train the future workforce on this unique area of science and engineering associated with fiber reinforced composite materials.”

Dayakar Penumadu | Fred N. Peebles Professor and JIAM Chair of Excellence, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
February 2017


IACMI - Testimonials

State of Indiana

“Our participation in IACMI provides hardworking Hoosiers with the tools they need to create high-paying jobs and develop a skilled workforce critical to the growth and competitiveness of manufacturing in Indiana and the USA.”

Ian Steff | Former Chief Innovation Officer, State of Indiana
July 2016


Cherokee Farm Innovation Campus

“IACMI is having a positive economic development impact on our region and our composites innovation ecosystem as member companies work closely with The University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National laboratories.  As more private industry companies benefit from a partnership with IACMI, Cherokee Farm Innovation Campus, the University of Tennessee’s Research and Development Park, is perfectly positioned to serve and compliment the needs of those companies.  Cherokee Farm is now home to the Joint Institute for Advanced Materials, a world premier advanced materials R&D facility that will further compliment the tools and talent which may be accessed in our region and through IACMI.”

Cliff Hawks | Former President and CEO, Cherokee Farm Innovation Campus
February 2017


Composite Applications Group

“As an original founding member of the Carbon Fiber Consortium and now IACMI, Composite Applications Group has a long history of involvement in expanding the composites industry. Now that the Carbon Fiber Consortium has merged with IACMI we have seen an even greater network of companies and collaborating partners. There is no other organization that allows small business to interact with large and midsized companies within a wide range of industries. IACMI has allowed us to collaborate with not only leading industry partners but also National Laboratories.”

Jeff McCay | President, Composite Applications Group
November 2015


Dassault Systèmes

“IACMI provides us with leadership and access to the entire supply chain through projects with a complete lifecycle perspective. The broad network and vast resources within the Institute bridge the gap for collaboration across industry, academia, and national laboratories.”

Rani Richardson | Composites & Additive Manufacturing Director, CATIA, Dassault Systèmes
July 2016


Magnum Venus Products

“As a small to medium sized enterprise, we recognize the benefits of composites as a superior solution and being an IACMI member gives us the opportunity to have a seat at the table with companies much larger than us. IACMI has provided us a forum to collaborate on ideas that could revolutionize the way people use composites in their everyday life in an energy efficient and sustainable way. “

Peter Hedger Jr. | Former Director of Marketing and Communications, MVP; Current Vice President of Marketing, Structural Composites
June 2016


State of Indiana

“We partner with IACMI because Indiana invests in innovation with impact. Working with IACMI allows the state to remain on the cutting edge of research and development impacting Indiana based companies and attracting new companies to the state.”

Justin Hage | former Senior Manager and Counsel, State of Indiana
August 2016