Oct. 9, 2019

IACMI – The Composites Institute participated in CAMX 2019, hosted by ACMA and SAMPE in Anaheim, CA. CAMX is the largest and most comprehensive composites and advanced materials trade show in North America, bringing together thought-leaders in the composites industry for presentations, award recognitions, and unique networking opportunities.

Nearly one-third of IACMI’s membership hosted booths at the trade show, demonstrating each company’s unique capabilities and leadership in the industry. IACMI member, IDI Composites, had the composite liftgate prototype for the Volkswagen Atlas on display, which the two companies have been developing at IACMI SURF. Additionally, IACMI member Magnum Venus Products (MVP) showcased its Reactive Additive Manufacturing (RAM), the world’s first large-scale thermoset additive manufacturing printer, with a technical paper award – submitted by ORNL – and a snowboard mold made by the RAM at the IACMI booth.

In addition to membership representation, several IACMI projects were finalists for CAMX Awards for Composites Excellence (ACE) Awards, with one finalist winning the award for Most Creative Application. These finalists included the AR/VR modules for composites manufacturing, STEM, workforce and training, which was a collaboration between the University of Tennessee and IACMI; and was a finalist for the Equipment and Tooling Innovation award. The Carbon Fiber Braided Arched Beams in Park and Recreation won the ACE Award for Most Creative Application. For this project, IACMI, the University of Tennessee, Highland Composites, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory collaborated to create a pavilion at an Oak Ridge, Tenn. Park to showcase the innovation of the region. The team, with more than 25 UT students, made carbon fiber braided beams giving students hands-on experience with composites materials and processes while creating a place in the community to gather. Seventeen beams were made by a sandwich design with a foam core. The beams were made of low and high-density foam with a steel plate embedded for post-assembly to the superstructure cantilever. The beams were then over-braided with triaxial architecture carbon fibers, chosen for its lightweight, stiff, and enduring properties. The carbon fiber beam pavilion was unveiled at a ribbon cutting for the park and serve as a prominent feature in the Oak Ridge Friendship Bell Park.

Finally, IACMI technical research and institute leaders participated on five panels and led presentations covering topics ranging from “Composites Education for the Modern Engineer” to “Materials for Increasing Efficiency of Future Ground Transportation.” These presentations showcased the breadth of knowledge and experience that the IACMI community has developed throughout the institute’s history and lends itself to building new relationships with new members to continue to innovate the composites field.

To learn more about CAMX, visit thecamx.org.

Carbon Fiber Braided Beams for Friendship Bell Park

Liftgate Compression Molding at IACMI SURF

Large-Scale 3D Thermoset Printer Enables New Possibilities for Composites Manufacturing