August 26, 2019

Trenton Bullman IACMI Intern GE Composites4M Carbon Fiber and IACMI sponsored intern, Trenton Bullman, participated in his second internship continuing the advancement of 4M and 4XTechnology projects in summer of 2019. Upon graduation in May, the aerospace engineer began his career as a full-time Composite Technical Track Engineer at GE Aviation. At GE Aviation, Batesville, he is working on optimizing processes with leaner manufacturing techniques for the acoustic panels within the GE9X Engine Program. 4M and IACMI are proud to have helped launch Trenton’s career.

Trenton recently spoke about his experience at a Tennessee Composites Coalition meeting where he shared his background with IACMI and 4M, working on projects involving carbon fiber and advanced composite technologies. He was awarded Best Aerospace Senior Design Project for a 100% Recycled Carbon Fiber Hovercraft from the  University of Tennessee, Knoxville (UTK) Tickle Engineering College of Engineering. He attributed his experiences with providing him with the necessary tools to successfully interview and accept the job offer following his graduation.

When asked why he chose internships within the composites industry, Trenton replied, “I knew I wanted to learn more about composite materials because they are the future of the aerospace industry. By working with 4M and 4XTechnologies, not only did I learn more about composites but I gained valuable insight into the daily tasks and time management of engineers in the workplace.”

4M Project Manager and Design Engineer Jonathan Ford had no doubt that Trenton would be quick to find his start with a challenging and engaging career. He said, “Trenton has proven himself willing to learn and take on every challenge we have put in front of him. Given his great attitude and desire to succeed, Trenton will be a great asset to GE’s composites program.”

IACMI Workforce Manager Joannie Harmon Heath said, “At the heart of the IACMI internship program is the students’ hands-on engagement and exposure to advanced composites while also gaining professional, real-world experiences with IACMI member organizations and industry-related events. We are ecstatic for Trenton and the continued impact his work will have on the composites industry.”

4M and 4XTechnologies are always looking to make a positive impact on the careers of future technology leaders through participation in the IACMI internship program by having hosted eight interns to date.

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