RMX Technologies has established itself as an expert in large-scale materials processing technology based on its carbon fiber, plasma and electrical engineering expertise. With bold research and creative development strategies, RMX provides customized solutions to improve existing products and processes by creating new technologies to reduce cost and processing times while lessening the environmental footprint.

RMX President, Truman Bonds, says, “We like to focus on big problems that require big solutions.” With such solutions in mind, RMX sees more opportunities for continued light-weighting of automobiles and other means of transportation, all while decreasing environmental impact. RMX is working with an IACMI core partner on a project to lower the cost of carbon fiber while enhancing its performance for the end user. The project is focused on transforming how precursor is converted into carbon fiber to address the cost, volume and performance challenges that are preventing carbon fiber from becoming a true commodity.

The main challenges of the industry are cost, complexity, and availability. RMX is positioned to meet industry’s need for the carbon fiber conversion aspect of the supply chain, but credits IACMI as the catalyst recognizing downstream challenges prohibiting a true transformation. RMX President, Truman Bonds, explained, “IACMI has been extremely valuable not only in expanding our network and access to industry leaders, but also creating a collaborative ecosystem where we can address industry challenges throughout the lifecycle.”

Catalyzed by these recent innovations, RMX created 4M Carbon Fiber Corporation and 5M Surface Technologies, LLC. RMX worked with instrumental partners to develop a new plasma oxidation technology, pushing boundaries for the potential manufacturing of industrial carbon fiber. In 2015, after the successful development of the plasma oxidation technology, RMX established 4M Carbon Fiber Corp to do just that. 4M has projected substantial carbon fiber manufacturing capabilities including development of a new low-cost carbon fiber this year. In addition, RMX has developed a second technology, plasma surface treatment, chartering their company 5M Surface Technologies last year.

RMX is now participating in its second year as a host site for the IACMI internship program. Learn more about this year’s program here.

To learn more about RMX Technologies, visit www.rmxtechnologies.net, and connect with this organization on the IACMI Member Portal.