IACMI Member Spotlight: AnalySwift

AnalySwift is a provider of efficient, high-fidelity modeling software for composites. Its cutting-edge modeling tools SwiftComp and VABS help set AnalySwift apart. While other organizations have some excellent tools, SwiftComp and VABS have unique capabilities that greatly benefit those simulating composite materials and structures, including the ability to deliver 3D FEA level accuracy in a small fraction of the time (think seconds, not hours).

SwiftComp is based on a revolutionary new theory developed by Prof. Wenbin Yu at Purdue University called Mechanics of Structure Genome

Wenbin Yu at Purdue University developed the new theory on which SwiftComp is based. 

(MSG). The associated code, SwiftComp, is a general-purpose multiscale modeling code that allows an unprecedented combination of speed and accuracy for composite simulation. Besides being an efficient, yet accurate, micromechanics code, the unique capability of SwiftComp is to obtain structural properties directly in terms of microstructures. SwiftComp can deal with all types of composite structures (laminates, textiles, sandwich structures, etc.) while computing both 3D properties and structural properties.  Due to the novel underlying MSG theory, SwiftComp improves accuracy and versatility by dispensing with many of the assumptions employed in other approaches.

The more mature VABS program is used for extremely rigorous modeling of composite slender structures. These include helicopter rotor blades, wind turbine blades, propellers, landing gear, high-aspect wings, and other slender structures. Development for VABS has been funded for more than 20 years by the U.S. Army, and it is used by many leading aerospace and wind energy companies.

“IACMI has allowed AnalySwift to create a platform for connections and discussions with others in the composites industry,” said AnalySwift President and CEO, Allan Wood. “We look forward to the opportunity to partner with other members and to participate in relevant IACMI projects to help further the goals of the initiative.”

To learn more about AnalySwift, visit http://analyswift.com/, and connect with Allan on the IACMI Member Portal.