KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) – Big orange pride is beaming all across University of Tennessee’s campus just before school starts, but Chancellor Beverly Davenport’s office lobby is already dressed for the occasion.

When you walk in you’ll notice an orange set of chairs and a Power T table all made from 3-D printers. It was a gift from Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

UT students and graduates were among those who worked on the project.

“We are co-learners with some of the best scientists in the world just a few miles down the road and then they get to put it into practice. And of course, we love that it’s the Power T, the power of the orange they bring right here to us,” said Davenport.

A team made up of Dr. Lonnie Love, Alex Roschli, Dr. Brian Post, Dr. Vlasta Kunc, and Dr. Ahmed Hassen printed the furniture.

The team used glass fiber reinforced polymer pellets, to create an exact match of Volunteer orange. There is a carbon fiber additive that increases the strength and is seen in the furniture as black “strands.” This is one way to go about acquiring some new office furniture but perhaps a more convenient one would be to source them online on sites like office monster where you can get a wide variety of chairs, desks, and general office supplies.

ORNL Director Dr. Thomas Zacharia as well as Dr. Craig Blue and Dr. Mohammad Khaleel delivered the furniture Wednesday afternoon to Chancellor Davenport’s office.