Airbus Americas has joined the Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation (IACMI) as a premium industrial member. Membership in IACMI aligns the mutual goals of the association and of Airbus related to composite manufacturing.

“We are enthusiastic and energized by the possibilities to work within the IACMI network of member organizations to develop technologies that will reduce the cost and energy consumption of composite manufacturing,” explained David Hills, Vice President, Research and Technology, Airbus Americas.

The Airbus focus is on the development of new technologies aiding the recyclability of carbon fibre composites, ultimately reducing composite manufacturing costs.  IACMI members have the opportunity to leverage significant NNMI federal and non-federal funding while working alongside other industry leaders to develop innovative, more efficient manufacturing and recycling process technologies. This alliance will serve as a building block to enhance the existing Airbus technology partnerships within domestic universities, laboratories, and other industry leaders.

About Airbus Americas:

Airbus produces the world’s most modern and comprehensive family of airliners, ranging in capacity from 100 to more than 500 seats and has sold over 16,300 aircraft to more than 380 customers. Since its inception, Airbus has played a pioneering role in the international air transportation industry’s evolution. This trend will continue over the coming decades, as Airbus leverages innovative solutions to further improve the economic efficiency and environmental performance of commercial aviation.

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